2 toilet roll tubes

8 plastic bottles caps





Craft knife


Sticky tape

Tooth picks

Hole punch


PVA glue or Hot glue

Small roll of tape

Yarn or string

Gold paint

Mean machines print outs

Cereal box

Compact Pussycat print out

2 x Magnets (optional)

Dowel rod (optional)





1.      Paint the tubes inside and out with the colour of your favourite Wacky Races car. For Dick Dastardly’s Mean Machine use purple, and use pink for Penelope Pitsop’s Custom Pussycat.


2.      When dry, draw a U-shape about halfway along one side of the tube and get a grown up to cut along the line with a craft knife.


3.      Bend the tab so that it’s sticking out from the tube, then fold it in half and glue down to make the seat.


4.      To make Penelope Pitstop’s Compact Pussycat, cut out the printout of the car and stick this onto the cereal box cardboard. Then carefully cut this out using the scissors.


5.      Stick these to the sides of the pink tube and put to one side to dry.


6.      To make the drill for the front of Dick Dastardly’s Mean Machine, put a roll of sticky tape on the cardboard and draw around the inside to make a circle.


7.      Cut out the circle using the scissors, then cut a line into the centre and roll to make a cone shape.


8.      Check it fits inside the toilet roll and mark with a pencil, then glue to secure.


9.      To create the drill detail, cut a length of yarn with the scissors and stick the end of the yarn or string to the base of your cone. Then slowly wrap it around in a spiral shape and glue into position. Trim away any excess string with the scissors.


10. Paint gold and leave to dry.


11. To make the wheels for both cars, ask a grown up to pierce a small hole in the centre of each bottle cap using the scissors. 


12. Measure about a centimetre from the bottom of the toilet roll and use a toothpick and pencil to mark where the wheels will be. Remember to make sure the bottom of the wheel is lower than the toilet roll so that the wheels are free to spin.


13. Use a ruler to draw straight lines all the way along both sides of the tube.


14. Make a pencil mark 2cm in from either end and punch 4 holes, one for each wheel.


15. Poke a straw all the way through and cut so that it’s flush to the side of the tube. Secure your axle on the inside with PVA glue.


16. Push the toothpicks through the straws and thread the bottle tops onto each end to create your wheels.


17. Secure each wheel with hot glue or PVA.


18. When the glue is dry, get a grown up to trim any excess toothpick with some scissors.


19. Use hot glue or PVA to stick the drill shape to the front of the car.


20. Next, decorate your cars using the print outs. Stick to some card and cut around the edge of the shapes using the scissors, then stick them into position with some PVA glue.




21. If using, use the hot glue to stick a magnet to the back of the car with the help of a grown up.


22. Take another magnet and hold it close to the back of the car. Turn it around until you notice the two magnets repel and mark with a pencil.


23. Tape the magnet to the dowel rod with the marked side of the magnet facing up.



Put a piece of cardboard down to protect your surfaces when making the holes in the bottle cap wheels.


If you make the holes in your wheels a bit too big, use some hot glue to close up the hole.



Magnetic Cars

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