Tape measure or shoelace




Marker pen


Earflap and ear templates






PVA glue








Cereal Box


Toilet roll


Paint (white, red, black)


Masking tape


White tissue paper


Blue tissue paper




Craft knife





1.      Measure your head with the shoe lace or tape measure, then blow up the balloon to the same diameter as your head.


2.      Use the shoe lace or measuring tape and draw where this fits on the balloon.


3.      Make a small mark where that will be the centre of your helmet.


4.      Ask a grown-up to cut out both of the earflap templates for Muttley’s ears. When this is done, place one earflap at the centre point. Mark the width of it, and move it along. Do the same with the other earflap.


5.      Join the two curves at the back of the balloon.


6.      Now, tear up some newspaper into strips and then tear again so you are left with small pieces.


7.      Mix one part PVA glue with one part water and stir it well.


8.      When you have made your mixture, paint the top half of the balloon with it and then paper mache down to the guide line and leave it to dry.


9.      Repeat this until you feel the helmet is nice and strong.


10.  Now, pick up the earflap templates but get a grown up to add some small cuts across the top to help it fit nicely to the curve of the balloon.


11.  Stick the earflaps to the side of the helmet with some PVA glue and then add another layer of paper mache.


12.  Leave the flaps hanging down.


13.  Ask a grown up to cut a long piece of cardboard from your cereal box that is 2.5cm wide to create a strap for the goggles.


14.  Wet the cardboard so it is soft and easier to bend around the balloon.


15.  Stick the strap around the helmet and secure it with PVA glue.


16.  Using scissors, get a grown up to carefully cut the ends off of a toilet roll, these should be approximately 1cm wide.


17.  Tape the toilet roll sections onto the centre of the cardboard strip to make the goggles.


18.  Twist some strips of newspaper ad fit them inside the toilet roll tubes to make the goggle frames nice and thick.


19.  Grab your white tissue paper and tear it into strips, and then smaller pieces after that.


20.  Repeat the paper mache process covering the entire helmet and the goggles too, make sure you push the tissue paper into all the creases and leave this to dry.


21.  Paint the goggles white and the helmet red.


22.  Tear up some blue tissue paper and stick it into the goggles for the lenses.


23.  Carefully burst the balloon and remove it from the helmet with the help of a grown-up.


24.  Stick the ear templates onto a piece of card and with the help of a grown-up, cut them out carefully using your scissors.


25.  Next, get a grown-up to cut slits onto the side of the helmet using the craft knife, using the edge of the painted ear as a guideline.


26.  Push the ear flaps through the slits, cut the flap to make it easier to fold over and then tape down on the inside to secure.


27.  Now the helmet is complete.



Muttley Helmet

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