•    A pencil

•    A ruler

•    A pair of scissors

•    A craft knife

•    PVA glue

•    Dowel

•    Contact paper

•    String

•    Coloured tissue paper

•    Character cut outs

•    Ribbons




Make your kite frame:


1. Mark two lengths on the dowel. One 40cm and one 25cm.


2. Cut the dowel at the marks


3. Mark a third of the long piece of dowel and the middle of the short piece.


4. Tie the dowel in a cross at the marked points. Use a dab of PVA glue to hold them together


5. Score a notch at the ends of each piece of dowel then add a dab of glue within each notch.


6. Tie a string around the cross with the knot at the top. Then use a dab of PVA glue to keep them held together.


Create your kite sail:


7. Put the frame on top of a piece of contact paper then mark each corner point.

8. Then remove the frame and connect the points with a ruler, creating a diamond shape.

9. Cut out the diamond

10. Lay the diamond on another piece of contact paper and mark then cut another diamond around 2.5cm larger. You can use the width of the ruler as a guide.


Decorate the kite sail:


11. Fold your coloured tissue paper into small squares, ten cut the corners to create confetti

12. Stick two identical character cut-outs, back to back with glue.

13. Cut out the character cut-out.

14. Peel off the small diamond contact paper sticky side up.

15. Stick on your character and confetti.


Attaching your frame to the sail:


16.Peel off the large contact paper diamond sticky side up

17. Use the ruler as a guide and stick the small decorated diamond in the centre of the large one.

18. Cut triangles out of the corners of the sail.

19. Lay the frame flat in the centre of the kite, knot facing up. 

20. Fold the sticky edges of the kite sail, over the kite frame.

21. Tie two pieces of string across the frame slightly loose, one top to bottom and one side to side.

22. Tie the strings together in the centre with your kite string.


Attaching the ribbons:


23. Cut a slit at the end of a long ribbon.

24. Tie that ribbon to the bottom of the kite frame.

25. Decorate the long ribbon by tying smaller ones to it

26. Unravel your kite string. If your ribbon was wrapped around a H, you can use the H to keep your kite string neat.


Now click below to download the images to decorate your kites:





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