The Scare Scooby Challenge


Draw a monster to get Scooby trembling with fear!


It's challenge time again with Boomerang Let's Create and for this one we want you to design your very own monster that would send Scooby-Doo running for a place to hide.


Will your monster have lots of eyes so it can keep a close watch on Scooby, big scary claws to catch him with or will it have a mouthful of spiky teeth to scare the gang when it lets out a huge howl? Whether it's small and spooky or massive and menacing, make sure your monster is bright and colourful - and you can even give it a creepy name.


Once you've finished your picture send it to us and it could appear in the Boomerang Let's Create gallery.


Here's a picture of a time-travelling otomutles sent in by Millie aged 10 to give you an idea of how your monster might look.


Time-travelling otomutles by Millie aged 10


Here's a picture of Scooby looking scared before he's even seen your spooky monsters! Drawn by Leonardo aged 6.


Scooby-Doo by Leonardo aged 6

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