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Boomerang Make and Race 2 is everything you loved about the original Make and Race, but EVEN MORE AWESOME! The classic game returns with new characters, new cars, new tracks and a whole TON of new ways to customise your vehicle and make the best race car out there! Choose from teams of your favourite Boomerang characters, design every inch of your ride, and then hit the track using fun and controls!

In Boomerang Make and Race 2, you don't just race your cars - you make them exactly how you'd like! First choose your car body - from sleek race cars to chunky tanks and more in between! Then it's all about the wheels: want an actual chocolate donut to be your front tires? Go for it! Prefer classic race car wheels? No problem, you can even mix and match! Wheels sorted? Time for COLOUR! Spray paint your car any and as many colours as you like - really make it your own. And there's EVEN MORE! Customise your ride with all kinds of accessories, from rocket engines to balloons to fish bowls, then take it a step further with stickers of your favourite Boomerang characters! You can even make multiple cars so that you have a look for every race!

Once your dream car has been made it's time to race! Face off against other drivers in wild and wacky courses filled with high speed straightaways and huge hills and ramps for EPIC air time. See how fast you can race through the course, dodging past your opponents and collecting loads. There are five fun filled race worlds to explore, each with three different race tracks to master! From peaceful green forests to tropical islands and towering cities there's always something new to see!

Your favourite Boomerang characters are here and ready to race! Once you've created your car you'll need to pick who will be driving it to victory down the track. Check out the list of teams below and get hyped for your favs!

∙ Scooby-Doo and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo!
∙ Tom and Jerry from The Tom and Jerry Show!
∙ Taz and Daffy Duck from New Looney Tunes Show!
∙ Bugs Bunny and Wiley Coyote from New Looney Tunes Show!
∙ Dick Dastardly and Muttley from Wacky Races!

Make and Race 2 has more cars than ever before! There's loads to unlock and customise, from sleek race cars to UFOs to a pirate ship with wheels and SO MANY MORE! You never know what you'll unlock next, so keep racing to complete your collection and make your next racing masterpiece.

With five racing worlds and three tracks on each one, there are loads of courses for you to speed your way through! Race against the clock to beat your best time and stay ahead of the other racers. Keep racing and you'll unlock more tracks! Can you unlock them all and become a racing expert?

Keep collecting coins while racing to earn new upgrades and customisations to add to your vehicles! There are loads of great and hilarious car parts to unlock, so you'll always have new ways of improving the look of your ride! From frying pans to party hats to an ACME bazooka - you never know what you'll unlock next!